Rochelle Ramirez
NSCA Certified Personal Trainer


Hello! My name is Rochelle, and I’m an enthusiastic NSCA certified personal trainer and senior fitness training specialist. Whether I’m guiding my clients to change their body composition, helping them move better or motivating them to choose a healthier path, my passion is to make my clients’ transformations permanent and sustainable. My training style is to teach my clients how to progressively, yet gradually ease into movement in a way that ultimately prevents injury and helps them to reach their goals as they move forward from a sedentary life into an active lifestyle.
Though I train generally healthy clients, because of my gently demanding style of training, my expertise is in working with those who have special training needs. They are my “Special Populations” clientele and need specific training because of health conditions, their age or their lack of exercise experience.
Of all of my “special populations” clientele those that I have the most experience training are seniors. The “Senior” age group truly has a huge age range, from Older Adults, to Recently Retired, to Elders. I knew just before I became certified that I wanted to focus on these special age groups. I’m fascinated with learning how exercise and movement needs to be modified for the aging body throughout a lifetime.
Since I became certified six years ago, I have completely immersed myself in training and continuing to study senior specific training. I started with training Older Adults and Recently Retired seniors, and eventually, have had the privilege of working with Elder Seniors, those who are 75 to 98 years. I specialize in senior groups. My joy is bringing quality of life through movement, to people at any age. Just as it’s never too early to begin healthy habits, it’s also never too late. Adding consistent movement, in a thorough, progressive exercise program, will benefit a body of any age immediately! From the way a person feels, to how they carry themselves, to their body composition, many of these transformations begin within the first few weeks. My life’s goal is to motivate and educate others of the benefits of exercise to help my clients bring better quality of life to their years.

Benefits my clients experience include:
• More ease of movement in activities of daily life
• Reduction in pain
• Reduction in medications
• Better management of disease symptoms, such as Diabetes, Parkinson’s, Dementia, Depression, Osteoporosis, Osteoarthritis
• Better body composition
• More energy
• Better Sleep
• Better Moods
• Better Balance

Let me know if my training can be of service to you!